To make a statement, you need something that’s unique, handmade, meaningful and is enriched by a story. We know from experience that in today’s world of mass-produced jewelry it can be so hard to find something like this, so we decided to go back to our roots.


We searched far and wide for handmade pieces that told a story from the moment we saw them. It’s a journey that connected us with the beauty of Mexico and the ancient rituals of the Huichol culture.

Huichol artists take part in traditional ceremonies where they communicate with their gods and see the most vivid visions before their very eyes. They then spend hours hand-beading what they saw to show it to the rest of the world. It’s a process that takes time, can never be rushed and leads to a truly one-of-a-kind necklace you cannot find anywhere else.

Artisan makes gold Mayarca bull head necklace
making of Mayarica bull pendant by Huichol artist

When we brought the art, culture, and love of details together we were left with Mayarica: a brand that showcases truly unique hand-crafted jewelry. With the culture of Mexico added to the traditional Huichol bead art, the Mayarica ethos and style molded into the look and feel that we stand by today.

All of our pieces are sought after and rare; which is why we want to give back to the ancient Huichol community in a truly meaningful way. By donating 10% of every bull necklace purchase to the communities that make these unique pieces possible, we want to protect their way of life for generations to come.


We feel it’s the least we can do.