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Bull Necklaces Express Huichol Art and Mexico Magic

Actualizado: 30 de ago de 2019

Through each bull necklace, Mayarica jewelry seeks to convey something that goes beyond a piece of jewelry. Huichol tradition, the personal style of the artisan, Mexico's’ Magic, and our philosophy. These are intangible elements from the long way we have done, and at the same time very present in each necklace design.

For us, it is beyond creating jewelry works of beaded Huichol art. It reflects the identity of the peoples of Indigenous peoples of Mexico. Also, in a one bull necklace, it is our way for connecting the magic of Mexico to the soul and heart of the artisans who proudly collaborate with Mayarica, to you and the world. Our brand is an avant-garde, it is bold, is the link of Huichol tradition to the future, through a magical today. Mayarica jewelry proposes a unique bull necklace and at the same time, give you a heritage full of meaning.

How long does it take to create Mayarica beaded Huichol bull necklace?

A bull necklace \ longhorn necklace demands a work of between 8 and 9 hours on average. Taking the time for jewelry production is only for the Huichol artisan to place the beads on the bull pendant in Mayarica design form. The casting of each bull pendant takes a prior process of 3 hours and another 1 hour for the gold bull necklace. The time is a part of the bull necklace story. This is a story of devotion, creative magic, and art, that is reflected in each Mayarica jewelry design.

A small beaded Huichol-art like an earing or hanging jewelry can take up to 3 hours to create in a traditional Huichol way if you seek a piece of small Huichol jewelry, and not necessarily a statement necklace with bull pendant. You should consider visiting the local markets in Puerto Vallarta or Nayarit.

For a general comparison, a traditional Huichol beaded art, the pieces that spend the most time invested are the bull head sculptures. On the other hand, to handcraft, a Huichol beaded bull head sculpture may take up to 3 weeks to complete, since each bead (called chaquira) is placed one by one. The Huichol bull head is a great artisan work that represents our Mexican culture.

That is why, from 1 hour, up to 12 hours or even weeks, the handcrafted Mayarica bull necklace is carried out by not only the Huichol artisans (in native tongue: Wixárikas), but the Mayarica team dedicates themselves to this design work. We see our work as with great international cultural value, bring the magic of Mexico to the world. Since the effort and time invested in the bull necklace is reflected in the beauty that each jewelry piece, it transmits and, demonstrates how magical Mexican art is.

Through our website mayarica.com, you can find all the bull necklace designs in which Huichol bead patterns are designed. The Huichol artisans and Mayarica capture soul, magic, and years of tradition and culture in each piece.

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