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Mayarica Give-Back to Huichol Community

We are happy to announce that starting 01/10/2019 Mayarica officially launches the “Give-Back” initiative. As part of Mayaricas’ “Give-Back” program, we will give 5 USD for each bull necklace sold to the eduction of Huichol kids.

Mayarica jewelry is inspired by Huichol art and tradition. Mayarica bull necklace is decorated with Huichol beads by Huichol artisans. We work with local Huicholes artisans to create Mayarica jewelry, and today we giving back to the community.

Mayarica is committed to working with the local Huichol community, and supporting the future of Huichol children is a natural thing for us to do.

By wearing your Mayarica bull necklace, you should be even more proud than ever before. Not only you are wearing a piece of Mexico tradition and art, but you are also taking part in securing the future of the indigenous Huichol children.

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