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Mayarica is Tracing the Origins of Huichol Art

Mayarica jewelry is inspired by Huichol art and tradition. Our focal jewelry piece is the bull necklaces decorated with the traditional colorful Huichol beads. Still, Huichol art includes many more practices and styles other than Mayarica bull head pendants. Huichol art includes and not limited to craftsmanship, creation, and decorations made by indigenous Huichol people living in Mexico. The origins of Huichol art can be traced back to ancient traditions and transcriptions of the images that are consistent with Huichol shamans, which depict the sacred cactus, known as peyote, to transcend into the unknown realms of spirituality and connect with the divine.

Huichol bead art patterns are handcrafted by the Huichol artisans using exquisite beading techniques, vibrant beads, and even yarn or thread. Each piece of Huichol art or Huichol necklace, amongst other jewelry and products, carrying symbolic motifs and elements that convey a different and deeper meaning. Each Mayaricas’ bull head necklace is decorated with beads by a Huichol artisan.

The Huichol art can be considered as a ritualistic practice that belongs to the religious values and beliefs of the indigenous Mexican community, and it is indeed the most authentic form of ancient art that has been preserved even after thousands of years. Mayaricas’ vision is to bring this beautiful tradition to people who value and enchanted by it.

The origins of Huichol bead art patterns and Huichol jewelry can be traced back to Huichol traditions and believes, which divide everything into three realms of understanding: the mythology that life begins in the ocean, the daily life, and the traditions that are drenched in mysticism. The world of Huichol art takes inspiration from all three realms and allows them to distinguish these worlds, and create identities across the communities.

Origins of Huichol Art

Anthropologists remain uncertain about the exact origins of the fascinating mediums and forms of Huichol art. However, it is certain that it originated from the remote and rugged region of the Sierra-Madre range. During the Spanish conquest, the indigenous Huichol people survived and fled deep into the Sierra-Madre mountain range, which allowed them to escape the devastation caused by the Spanish conquest forces. The Huichol people fought the occupation not by force, but by sticking to their tradition and belief.

The Huichol bead-work continues to thrive over the years, adapted from Huichol transcripts, and soon, art became a form of writing, telling stories, preserving legends and myths, and writing history for the generations to come. In Huichol art, each and every craft adds value to one’s life and is deeply connected with traditions and beliefs.

Deeply embroiled in their beliefs, ancient traditions and isolation, the Huichol continue to preserve and promote their art to other parts of the world. Mayarica bull necklaces capture the strength and persistence of Huichol people with the magic surrounding its story.

At Mayarica, we keep this ancient art alive through our exquisite collection of charming bull pedants and handcrafted bull necklaces, which radiate power and energy. If you seek to flaunt the vibrant exquisiteness of Huichol jewelry and Huichol bead-work, we welcome you to explore our fabulous collection of bull necklaces, pendants, and other ethnic ornaments. You will find the charm of Mexican Huichol bead-work very hard to resist!

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