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Men’s Pendant With Meaning - Mayarica Bull Head Necklace

At Mayarica we love creating meaningful necklaces for guys and jewelry in general. Our Iconic Men’s statement necklace is deeply inspired by Mexican art, Huichol culture, and love for details, This is the bull pendant necklace. The men’s bull necklace is our first and Iconic.

-Mayarica bull necklace lookbook: https://www.mayarica.com/lookbook

Men's statement necklace is a necklace that makes a great statement. It is usually large-sized and with a meaningful pendant. It’s a great way to keep your style calm, and still make a bold meaningful statement with your men's pendant necklace. In order to keep the focus on the statement piece, either opt for no other jewelry or subtle bracelet. Plain color t-shirt or one-color button-down dress shirt looks best with a men's statement necklace.

There are lots of regular bull's head necklaces out there, that can't be considered as men's statement necklace. So if one seeks for a men’s pendants with meanings. Our unique men’s necklaces are hand-beaded by Huichol artists in traditional ways. Some men are more attracted to brands for their statement jewelry.


The Mayarica Guerrero bull's head necklace is a special piece designed in honor of a renowned Mexican Hero. It represents bravery and persistence. The pattern is inspired by Huichol visions in the middle of the night, hand-beaded in black ad silver. This statement bull pendant necklace has a distinctive with black silver hand-beaded pattern appearance.

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Each of the other brands making bull pendant necklace for men has its unique style and distinctive pattern. To an untrained eye, they may all look similar, but anyone who likes meaningful necklaces for guys will see their peculiarities. Some of these brands include Gucci and Thomas Sabo.


As its name implies, this piece is sure to charm anyone at first sight. It is a nicely made bull pendant with black onyx. Most importantly, it created under the brand Thomas Sabo.


This sterling silver based Jewelry is high-end. It comprises of a captivating horned bull pendant hanging from a chain and bearing the collection's name: Angry forest. Gucci sure didn't spare anything on this bull necklace.


The Buffalo pendant is an intricately designed unisex piece. With a striking bull pendant hanging from a dark oblong silver chain. It's most peculiar feature is a string of 30 blue sapphires coating the bull's horns.

Guerrero Bull necklace is available also in gold color

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