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The Meaning of Bull Necklaces

If you have ever taken a moment to look at jewelry or artwork throughout different cultures, then you have no doubt noticed the frequent presence of one particular animal: bulls. Bull necklace and bull shape jewelry are prevalent in many cultures and sub-cultures. Bulls are one of the most common themes to appear in art, jewelry, and even fashion throughout many different cultures, countries, and also periods. Bulls hold a special symbolism for many religions and cultures; but why are bull necklaces so popular? What is the meaning of bull necklace symbolism? Let's take a closer look at why bulls appear so frequently in jewelry and what they symbolize.

What Cultures Embrace Bull Symbolism in Necklace Jewelry?

Bull in Buddhism

Bulls appear in many different cultures. One of the most notable cultures that use bulls symbolically is the Buddhist religion, which incorporates bulls in multiple ways. One striking use of bulls and cows in Buddhist symbolism is called the "Ten Bulls of Zen". The ten bulls of zen in Buddhism zen tradition to describe the stages of one progress toward wisdom, awareness, and his or her return to society to enact enlightenment and compassion. Some of the phases are Search of the Bull, Catching the Bull, Taming the Bull, Riding the Bull Home and Both Bull and Self Transcended. The representation of one journey with the bull is expressed in ancient art and jewelry in the far east and also in western cultures. Artist creates bull necklaces, other bull jewelry, and painting to describe the ten bulls of zen.

Another use of the bull symbolism is the presence of white bulls in the dreams of Queen Maya, the mother of Buddha. Bulls in Buddhism are used to present the "ground of existence," or the true nature of humanity.

Bulls in the Bible

Bulls were and still worshiped in almost all the religions of the Old World. Bull necklace symbolism can also be found in the Biblical symbolism for the bull. In the Bible, on the one hand, bulls are used as a symbolism for strength and fertility. On the other hand, the ‘golden calf’ biblical story (Exodus 32:4). The ‘golden calf’ that the Israelite (nowadays Jews) reportedly created in their panic, when they saw the prophet Moses was not returning from Mt. Sinai while receiving the Ten Commandments, was, in fact, a statue of a golden bull. The bull god was a representation of a local tribe (the Canaanite) god as it symbolized both strength and fertility. When the early Jewish people were afraid their prophet and savior from ancient Egypt would not return, they created the golden bull statue (and maybe other golden bull necklaces and jewelry to worship.

Bulls can also be found in ancient Celtic culture. In ancient Celtic culture, bulls were the most significant animal due to their importance in Celtic culture as a means of food and income. To Celts, bulls were used to represent fertility, virility, as well as higher power, wealth and luxury.

Cultural and artistic expressions of the bulls, also stand for stamina, confidence, and determination. If you have ever heard the phrase "stubborn as a bull," then you can easily

see why bulls stand for commitment.

The Meaning of Bull Symbolism In Necklace Jewelry

The meaning of bull symbolism in necklace jewelry—and other jewelry as well—corresponds to the cultural symbolism behind bulls in Eastern and Western culture.

One of the most common sources of bull necklaces is the Huichol culture. Huichol bull necklaces typically present as stunning bull skull-shaped necklaces with colorful patterns. In Huichol culture, animals are frequently used in both cultural art and jewelry to symbolism concepts such as different gods, life, fertility, and so on. Bulls are used in Huichol culture to represent life, strength, and fertility. They can also be used to present the importance of recognizing humanity and death. The deeper meaning behind bull symbolism in Huichol jewelry can sometimes vary depending on the colorful patterns (or lack thereof) on the bull itself.

If you are looking to wear necklaces that have a deeper meaning behind them, you will want to take a look at Huichol inspired jewelry. These unique necklaces feature a time-honored symbol of Huichol culture: the powerful, magnetic bull, an animal which has—and will continue to—inspire cultures from around the world for centuries to come.

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