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What Is the Huichol Culture?

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The Huichol or Wixáritari are people living in Mexico, and they are one of the indigenous presence in Mexico before the Spanish arrived. The Huichols are known to the world by title "Huichol" it is good to know that the Huichols refer to themselves as Wixáritari. In the native Huichol language, it means "the people."

The culture of Wixáritari \ Huichol and name for their language and culture is Wixárika.

A world full of traditions, mystical beliefs, and cosmogony linked to the creation of the universe is part of the essential components for one of Mexico's most amazing cultures, the Wixárika culture.

They are part of one of the most representative ethnic groups in Mexico. The Wixárikas or Huicholes, live in the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Durango, and Zacatecas.

Defending the essence of Huichol culture, it's land and the great connection with our ancestors. The Huichol people are known as one of the most ancestral roots since, despite the years and the Spanish conquest. Huichols have always remained in a constant of preserving the attributes that make them unique.

Their traditions lead us to idols and god beliefs. A universe created thanks to the sacrifice of men who converted to Grandfather Fire (Tatewari), Grandfather Deertail ("Tututzi Maxa Kwaxi") or the Mother Goddess of Corn ("Tatei Niwetsika"), among others.

The Huichols craftsmanship stands out for the harmony in its beaded jewelry design. The Huichols artisans express their spirituality, and the feeling and existence through art. Mayarica works hand in hand with artisans of Huichol spiritual culture, to bring you the best of her art in small pieces full of meaning.

Here are five things new to learn about Huichol culture

1. Huichol culture is one of the few to have survived so purely since the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Since Spanish arrival in the lands Huichols lived, some of the tribes were forced to separate.

2. For the Huichol culture, spirituality, cosmogony, and religious rituals are an essential part of their daily lives. Since they faithfully believe that dances and evocations will attract vital energy to them, making it possible to have a connection between the forces of Nature and the universe.

3. For the Huichol society, the peyote plant (the hallucinogenic cactus) represents a divine and wisdom sign, unlike what one might believe in urban life. For the Huichol people, peyote represents a direct connection with the cosmos, an infinite source of energy that will always be there as a symbol of this mystical culture.

4. The god "Tamatzi" is the most important God in the Huichol culture. Since Tamatzi represents both earthly and spiritual food, however, it is supposed that this culture has more than four dozen gods.

5. According to legends of Huichol mythology, their culture was born when the gods decided to leave the Nayarit Sea. The gods took a long road to reach the territory they inhabit today and find the light. In its wake, some of the gods failed to arrive and became springs and small hills that border the place where they live.

The Huichol community has a lot of spiritual and inspiration for art to offer. Mayarica, want you to discover about its incredible way of life. That is why Mayarica investigates into the Huichol culture, to bring you the best of its art, and you fall in love with our Mexican culture.

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